Farm-Based Day Program

Modeled after successful programs in Europe, we created a day program that takes people out of their home to spend a day on one of the many farms in Northwest MT. The purpose of the program is to allow people to work on personal goals in a person-centered approach in the environment that farms provide. These goals range from providing an opportunity to simply have fun and socialize, building strength and skills that may lead to employment and providing a form of respite for family members.

We work together with many local providers and case management organizations to ensure that our programs connect with existing programs of care, rehabilitation and prevention. Our programs have high standards regarding safety and compliance with the rules surrounding health care and vocational rehabilitation. 

*These programs are currently offered in Flathead and Lake County.

For more information, you can visit the Flathead Care Farming website, watch the video below or call us at 406.755.4968 ext. 37302

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