In the Community Program

Entering into the competitive workforce can be a daunting task for anyone. At times, this challenge can be amplified for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our program offers a way to ease into competitive employment.

By offering a relaxed setting to discover strengths and practice new skills, our local farms provide the perfect starting to get started on the path to employment.

Many of the participants in our vocational program start out working on local farms. This valuable assessment and training time provides meaningful insight as, after this step, they move onto to meeting their goals in the community. Our job coaches, Brenda Lynch, Erica Hipolito and Sandi McKillip work with each client to find community placements that best fit their goals and abilities.

In ​collaboration ​with ​Montana Vocational Rehabilitation ​Services and School District 5, ​our ​aim ​is ​to ​find ​competitive ​employment ​opportunities ​for ​every ​client ​we serve.

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