On the Farm Program

Montana Care Farming collaborates with community partners to offer a variety of programs and services to diverse members of the community who benefit from contributing to the life of local farms.

All of the following programs take place on-site on family-owned farms. We strive to match each individual to the physical and social setting which will provide them the greatest benefit.

All of our programs utilize the farm and ranch environment to help our participants attain goals that are set by them and others involved in their development. For each client, we can usually find a fitting program and the best matching farm or ranch.

We offer:

Day programs for people with Developmental Disabilities on the DD Waiver program. Participants spend days on the farm to work on specific life- or work related skills, as well as simply improve their quality of life by interacting with others, spending time in the outdoors, staying active and engaging in meaningful activities.

Job Readiness Training and Vocational Rehabilitation activities. For these participants, days on the farm are tailored to build job skills.  We now are able to offer community job coaching, extending those skills learned on the farm to competitive employment environments. More information on this program is found here.

Lifeside farms: Farm days designed for seniors looking for companionship, respite, and a way to stay active.

For more information, please fill out the form below, call us at 406.755.4968 ext. 37302 or email one of the following:

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